Commercial Cleaning Services

Retail, commercial, and construction spaces require special attention. That is why you need a cleaning service with the right equipment and experience to match your needs. We ensure that your hard work is well represented with a thorough clean that brings out the beauty in each space. We proudly service commercial spaces in the Knoxville, Farragut, Lenoir City and all other surrounding areas.

New Construction Cleaning

Newly constructed homes and offices are beautiful, but until the construction dust and debris is cleaned away they look unfinished. That is why professional post-construction cleaning is a necessity. There are a variety of things that accumulate and in places that you may not notice, but the new occupant will once they enter the space. Things such as drywall dust inside of desk drawers, stickers on windows, and dirt on towel dispensers. Each of these may seem small to the builder, but they speak volumes to the occupant.

What We Do In a New Construction Clean

  • Vacuum and Wet Clean Furniture
  • Inside and Out cleaning of all appliances
  • Complete Bathroom Cleaning, Detailing, and Polishing
  • Vacuum, Sweep, and Mop all floors
  • Several Other Components

A professional post-construction clean is the finishing touch that allows new construction to shine.

Move Out Cleaning

As a renter moves out there are things they inevitably can’t clean as well as a professional cleaning company. Our “turn-key” cleaning ensures the next resident feels their space has never been occupied before. When moving out, there are many areas that people do not consider that need to be cleaned such as light switch panels, windows, and ceiling fans. When you hire Abseco you don’t have to remember all the areas to check because they will be done to our unparalleled standard of clean.

What We Do In a Move Out Clean

  • Walls, crown molding, chair rails, baseboards
  • Stove and Oven: Pulled out and cleaned behind, underneath and the sides.
  • Laundry Room appliances detailed
  • Hard surface floors swept, dust mopped and wet cleaned
  • More

Whether it is an apartment move out or an office tenant, Abseco will make it as clean as the day it was built. For a complete list of what should be done in a move out clean, see our blog post.

Retail Cleaning

Customers see the cleanliness of your retail space as a direct reflection of how much you care about them. However, you know as a business owner that it is difficult to keep your space truly clean, even if there are nightly cleanups done by staff. This is where we can step in to assist. Whether you need a regular deep cleaning of all the carpets in your showroom or tile to be stripped, scrubbed, and waxed. We understand the difficulties of keeping retail spaces and high traffic areas clean.

What We Offer for Retail Cleaning

  • Deep Carpet Cleaning
  • Vinyl Composite Tiles (VCT’s), strip, scrub, and wax
  • Buffing maintenance to meet client needs and budget
  • Restroom Stalls, Sinks, and Mirrors Cleaning
  • Additional Services Available

Your retail space should showcase how great your products and services are. An immaculate clean by Abseco will make sure that it does.

Special Cases

When you are part of a commercial business, there are certain situations that do not fall into traditional categories. If you have a unique cleaning issue call us. We have been working in the cleaning business since the 1980s, and there are few things we have not seen before. If it is one of those rare situations that we have not come across before, we love new challenges!